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Welcome New Students 

"The Journey of a Thousands Miles Begins with a Single Step"(Lao Tzu)

At Trumbull Academy of Karate we take that journey together. We provide a safe, ego free environment for you or your family member to grow and become an amazing martial artist and member of your community "our Trumbull Community"  

At TAOK we provide personal and professional support where we can get the best out of you or your family member. They will Learn Courage, Honor and Respect and have fun along the way. 

Little Ninjas Study Guide


Here is a brief guide that will help get the very best out of our training. This is a brief list of guidelines for class and a study guide to help you prepare for testing time.

1. Always try to arrive to class a few minutes early. We have only have 30 minutes to train twice a week. Let’s make every minute count.


2. Come dressed for class make sure you have a clean uniform and no jewelry.


3. Bring a water bottle


4. Make sure you have gone to the bathroom before you come to class, we don’t have a lot of time for bathroom breaks


5. Make sure you Bow when you step into the DOJANG “class room” this shows respect and also that you are ready to take class



Testing Knowledge:


1. What style of Martial arts do we practice? TANG SOO DO “ The way of the China Hand”


2. Who is your instructor? Master Rob Librandi


3. What federation “Group” do we belong to? The Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation

4. Where is Tang Soo DO from? South Korea

5. Can you count to 4 in Korean? 1 Hana 2 Dul 3 Set 4 Net


6. Show what Chumbe is and what does it mean? Ready Stance


7. What is the name of our school? Trumbull Academy of Karate

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